hi. my name is becky.

i love utah and i love cupcakes.

it really is just that simple.

this blog is a place where utah and cupcakes come together.

i scope out all the latest cupcake news in utah. visit utah cupcakeries. review cupcake bakeries and cupcake-related items. i post  cupcake recipes and ideas from other utah cupcake enthusiasts. i also travel to eat cupcakes and tell you about my adventures.

i hope you will join me in this journey. i can’t tell you how much i love to support local, how much i love eating quality cupcakes, meeting fun and interesting bakery owners and seeing their stores succeed and um…having fun!

cupcakes are here to stay! they are a tradition and not a trend!

join our flickr group, email me the latest on your cupcake baking and cupcake seeking adventures…we are bound to have a great time.

I also blog at Project Domestication — where you can see my personal baking adventures!


***For more about my story and love of cupcakes, read my guest blog post on Cupcakes Take The Cake!***

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Becky, Wow, I didn’t know you did this. I’m looking for yummy cupcakes for a very large family double celebration: my mothers 85 birthday and my sister and her husband missionary farewell open house. There might be over 100-125 people and we decided to do cupcakes instead of a large birthday cake. Which store and selection are the best tasting for the money and that we could afford for that many people. Sweet Tooth Fairy, Cocoa Bean, The Chocolate? I couldn’t even find prices on two of the sites.
    Give me your expert advise.

  2. Hi Pam,

    Thanks for checking out my blog. I would totally recommend The Chocolate, The Sweet Tooth Fairy, Cupcake Chic or Dippidee here in Utah Valley for that event. All have smaller mini cupcakes that would be perfect for the event.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Becky!

    So great to come across your website today. I’m a huge cupcake lover and am in Salt Lake City for the next month. Hoping to explore all the cupcakes that Utah has to offer!

  4. Hi Contessa!

    Glad you found Utah Loves Cupcakes. I hope you get a chance to try all our great sweets. If you are in SLC some recent favorites of mine include the vanilla from Cakes de Fleur, the Ice Cream Cupcakes from Mini’s and totally unrelated to cupcakes…the Kouing Aman at Les Madeleines. (it’s the best pastry I’ve ever tasted!)

    Hope Utah treats you well. I hope to read about your adventures soon. I’m adding your blog to my feed!


  5. Becky –

    Try adding battycakes to your listing. A new Park City cupcakery, she’s gourmet and organic — soooo pretty and they taste great, too!

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