Hot Chocolate from The Chocolate Dessert Cafe in Orem, Utah

It’s a special Valentine-sie love week over here at Utah Loves Cupcakes. Four lucky ULC readers will win a $25 gift certificate to The Chocolate Dessert Cafe. You can enter to win on this post. Hurry–deadline to enter is Saturday, February 11 at 10 pm MST.

There are so many treats I love from The Chocolate Dessert Cafe, it was hard to know what treat to write about next. Then I was inspired by the Chocolate I.Q. Quiz in Food Network Magazine (The Chocolate Issue). By the way, I rocked that quiz. By the way, I love Food Network Magazine. And by the way, I’m off topic.

Question number 14 on the quiz was “Who invented hot chocolate?”  My vast knowledge of chocolate and anthropology told my brain it twas the Mayans. (Really, though, who doesn’t know that? If you love chocolate and don’t know that, shame on you.) The Mayans are most often credited with what is called drinking chocolate.

The Chocolate’s Hot Chocolate (am I sounding redundant yet?) would make the Mayans proud and at the same time please our American palates and tummies. (You know what I’m talking about…those hot chocolates that you feel like you are drinking a melted candy bar and then realize, I might as well be injecting this in my veins.)

What I’m trying to say, is The Chocolate Dessert Cafe‘s Hot Chocolate (redundant again?) finds a great balance between European drinking chocolate and that watery American hot chocolate loved by many 7-11 frequenters (you know who you are…and not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Here’s the deal with @TheChoco’s hot chocolate: It’s made fresh and made to order with their own secret chocolate sauce. It comes in different flavors like regular (nothing added to their chocolate sauce and it’s far better than any other regular hot chocolate), mint, hazelnut and spice. The Chocolate purveys gourmet syrups and has tested the perfect ratio for their mint and hazelnut.

Then there’s their Spice Hot Chocolate…it’s my favorite flavor. It’s known by us regulars as “Christmas in a Cup.” It’s filled with The Chocolate’s own blend of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and maybe more…right to your cup. From the first sip you are immediately transported to the holidays, all cuddled up in a warm sweater and family laughter.

The Chocolate even throws in some seasonal special flavors. Right now you can try Raspberry Hot Chocolate (which was divine) and Caramel Pecan Hot Chocolate. Chocolate and my favorite nut? Yes, please!

To finish it off and in the words of The Chocolate’s owner, “All our hot chocolates are topped off with real whipped cream and voila…drankened!”

And one last thing. If you don’t have time to hang out and drink your hot chocolate in these adorable mugs, you can get it to go. I recommend this. You can just sip, sip the day away anywhere you want to be.

Have you ever tried The Chocolate Dessert Cafe’s hot chocolate? Which is your favorite flavor?

The Chocolate Dessert Cafe
Orem & West Jordan, Utah

Hours and Addresses, here.
Pricing, here.
@TheChoco on Twitter
The Chocolate on Facebook

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