Fleur Daily Cupcake Vase

My sweet and thoughtful Dad gave me an adorable gift tonight: a Fleur Daily Cupcake Vase. He came across them at a gift show in New York City and thought of me. Isn’t he the best? The Fleur Daily Cupcake Vase is completely new to me and I love it…such a great find. It is perfect for any cupcake or flower lover.

The Fleur Daily Cupcake Vase is made from safe, non-latex EVA that is reusable. It seems super simple to use. First you fill the vase with a bit of water by just squeezing the flexible vase. Then you simple place the flowers in the placement holes to make the perfect arrangement. And it’s super easy to clean. Just rinse out, and maybe use a bit of soapy water and you are good to go.

Here’s what the Fleur Daily says about their cupcake vases:

“The perfect accessory for festive occasions and weddings. For professional or DIY florists, these non-breakable vases are ideal for transporting and best of all, no need for floral foam. Complete with carry basket, these quick and easy to decorate floral gifts are latex free and great for hospitals, rest homes and parties.”

I just think these are absolutely adorable and fun. I’d love to see them pop up in Utah’s local bakeries, cupcakeries and flower shops for purchase. I can’t wait to buy some flowers and have fun filling my Fleur Daily Cupcake Vase. There are so many options.

As you can see the cupcake vase comes in six different colors: raspberry (that’s the one I have!), bubblegum, vanilla, lemon, lavender and chocolate.

I’m so happy to have discovered these cute cupcake vases. Thanks, Dad!

If you would like to purchase the cupcake vase ($10.95), head on over to the Fleur Daily Cupcake Vase site. And if you are a cupcakery, bakery or flower shop that is interested in purchasing them at wholesale visit that site as well. I seriously think these will sell great!

Fleur Daily Cupcake Vases by Joster International

USA Ph. +1 206 501 4560

1752 NW Market St. #537
Seattle, Washington
98107 USA

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