Utah Cupcake Flavors: Butterscotch Dippidee Cupcake

Utah Cupcake Flavors Graphic

Flavor: Butterscotch Dippidee Cupcake

Made of: rich butterscotch nostalgia. Forget the dipped ice cream cone, grab this dipped butterscotch cupcake. It’s creamy, rich and unforgettable.

Where: Dippidee (American Fork, Utah)

How much: $2.30


One of the best cupcakes I ate this summer was this butterscotch cupcake from Dippidee in American Fork. With one bite I was shot back into time; a time where I was begging my mom to give me change so I could bike over to Dairy Queen and get me a butterscotch Dilly Bar. Isn’t it crazy how a cupcake can do that? This cupcake is a delight. The cake itself is vanilla and the cream filling (a Dippidee specialty) is butterscotch. Then its topped with buttercream frosting and dipped in butterscotch! I’m warning you–it’s rich. But man, oh man, it is worth it.

476 North 900 West, Ste D
American Fork, UT 84003

Web site: http://www.dippidee.com/index.html
Blog: http://dippidee.blogspot.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/dippidee
Flickr Photostream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41357358@N07/

Phone: 801-756-4383
Fax: 801-756-4232
Email: dippidee@msn.com

***This review is based on Dippidee’s Butterscotch Cupcake from the American Fork location in July 2010 only. Disclosure – I received this cupcake from Dippidee without cost. The complimentary product does not effect the outcome of my review, will never influence the content, topics or posts made on this blog. Opinions subject to change…trust me, if I eat a bad cupcake I will tell you! ***

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6 thoughts on “Utah Cupcake Flavors: Butterscotch Dippidee Cupcake

  1. Becky-
    So glad you are back from your summer break . I love reading your blog and have missed you. I am so glad you enjoyed the Butterscotch cupcake. It really is a fun flavor. We have some fun flavors for the fall. Pumpkin, Tiramisu, Caramel Apple, Spice, Marble, German Chocolate, and our good old regulars. We will have more coming for the holidays. We will keep you posted. And as always, thank you for all your support.
    Your friend,

  2. oh how I loved those Dairy Queen dilly bars!! I’m willing to guess this cupcake tastes MUCH better though! I’m heading over there tonight! :) Thanks for the update

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  4. Thanks, Marcee.

    It’s feels good to be missed. I had a very nice break. I can’t wait to try your pumpkin and caramel apple. I’ll have to bring my mom cause she is a HUGE German Chocolate fan.


  5. Dippidee is amazing! I’ve been going there for a couple of years now for my cupcake cravings. Yesterday I tried Sweet Tooth Fairy because I moved pretty close to one of their shops and thought I should at least give them a shot. I wasn’t impressed at ALL! I will continue to make a drive to A.F.

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