6 Favorites at Cupcake Chic’s New Storefront in Orem

Cupcake Chic Cupcake shop and bakery in orem utah

Cupcake Chic has been open for nearly a week and I’ve already found my favorite things about the new cupcake bakery in Orem. Though the owners keep reminding me they are just in soft opening mode and there is much more coming, I can’t help but be excited by what they already have for me to enjoy. Here are the top six things I’m loving about Cupcake Chic.

6. Cupcake Mug – I love boutique items and non-edible cupcake gifts. They are a natural fit in a cupcake bakery.. Plus I’m an herbal tea lover and can already see myself sipping some chamomile in this cute mug.

Cupcake Mug at Cupcake Chic ( Cupcake Bakery in Orem, Utah)

5. Branding Detail/Pronunciation Window Sticker – Cupcake bakeries earn extra bonuses in the details. When you’ve got a storefront as a blank canvas, everything counts. I love how Cupcake Chic uses this window sticker to help customers know how to say their name properly. It’s also just cute and lets us know what is inside!

Cupcake Chic - Definition on Storefront window

4. Custom Cupcake Case – I wouldn’t expect anything less than a custom cupcake case from Cupcake Chic. I love the modern look of theirs and I want to get my hands on one of those trays—each cupcake fits so comfortably.

Cupcake Chic - Custom Cupcake Case (Orem, Utah)

3. Cupcake Bar – Seating is essential in a cupcake bakery. It transforms the old fashioned grab-n-go bakery to a place where you really want to hang out and enjoy a sweet dessert. Cupcake Chic has regular tables, but I’m keen to this cupcake bar. What a fun place to people watch. Don’t you love the modern and industrial-style chairs?

Cupcake Chic cupcake bakery in orem utah - cupcake bar

2. Flavor Menu & Schedule – I’ve got my favorite flavors at each cupcake bakery. The function of a flavor menu/cupcake schedule is to let customers know what flavors they can look forward to each day. Of course there are popular flavors that are available every day, but special flavors are only available certain days of the week–my favorite flavor, neapolitan is on the menu Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Props to Cupcake Chic for making a schedule. I also believe flavor menus encourage customers to try new flavors. I for one am looking forward to trying carrot ginger. I think that’s the only flavor I haven’t tried yet.

Cupcake Chic Flavor Menu - Orem Cupcake Shop in Utah

1. More accessable Cupcake Chic cupcakes – I love cupcake chic cupcakes. I’ve been waiting patiently for more than two years for them to open a storefront. I would travel to any coffee shop, boutique or event to get my fix. So to have these delicious treats so accessable–and in my home town–is wonderful.

Head on over to Cupcake Chic today!

Cupcake Chic
Address: 727 E. 1000 South, Orem, Utah
Phone: 801-368-9469
Web site: http://www.cupcakechicutah.com/
Blog: http://cupcakechicutah.blogspot.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cupcakechic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Springville-Utah/Cupcake-Chic/58319532115
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cupcakechic/

Cupcake Chic on Urbanspoon

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3 thoughts on “6 Favorites at Cupcake Chic’s New Storefront in Orem

  1. Dense and dry were these cupcakes. And the only thing adding flavor to these cakes was the frosting.
    The Cocoa Bean and Sweet Tooth Fairy are above and beyond better.

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