Brotherly Love at The Chocolate

It’s not every day that The Chocolate Dessert Cafe adds a new item to their menu. In fact, this is the first permanent addition to the two-year old bakery’s repertoire.

The Chocolate Dessert Cafe in Orem is a dessert lovers dream. It’s located in a quaint historic home on Orem’s State Street, and the cottage is filled with jazzy music, relaxing colors, sweet smells and friendly staff. The warmth and passion for sweet treats shines through on The Chocolate’s menu.

At the Chocolate, vanilla is not just called vanilla, and dark chocolate definitely not dark chocolate.  The owner, Ange Christiansen, pays homage to important people in her life and career through each cake’s name. She has named cakes after her husband (The Husband), her best friend (The Dottie) her bakery mentor (The Veronika) and other people or places that have inspired her lifelong dream of creating cakes by the slice.

“Ever since the bakery cafe opened I’ve been getting grief from my three older brothers,” Christiansen said. “They keep wondering when they will have ‘their’ cake.”

Christiansen finally nailed down a new cake flavor and name which she dedicated to her three older brothers. The new treat is aptly titled “The Brothers.”

And it’s quite fitting. The whipped cream cake is topped with three different berries both tart and sweet: strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. “Three berries for three brothers,” Christensen continued.

The cake is perfect for summer: light and refreshing. It’s reminiscent of strawberry shortcake, but with a bit more refinement. And there is a secret ingredient to The Brothers that Christiansen will never reveal.

As for the three namesakes, they are happy to find their place on their kid sister’s menu.

Like all layer cakes sold at the bakery, customers can purchase The Brothers by the slice ($4.49), and in a Mini Cake (5-inches) for $13 inside the bakery. The cake is also available in a celebration size by special order ($40).  The Brothers has also been translated into cupcake form, which is casually known by the nickname of Berry Licious. The individual-sized treat has the same components as its big brother but instead of layering berries and whipped cream and garnishing with toasted coconut the Berry Licious  is filled with a fresh strawberry and topped with a generous portion of satiny whipped cream then crowned with a raspberry and blackberry.

Depending on how you eat your cupcake, you may or may not notice that when it is cut in half the fresh red strawberry forms a heart shape. Perhaps a sweet symbol of love from a sister to her brothers? Maybe.

The Brothers  will be the newest rotating cake flavor at the dessert cafe. It’s available for purchase on Mondays and Tuesdays, or for pre-order any day of the week. Berry Licious will be available through special order only. You may want to put in a call for it now, it would make the perfect summer dessert for any event.

The Chocolate Dessert Cafe
212 South State in Orem
Hours: Monday – Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-11pm

**Ladies Night: EVERY WEDNESDAY from 8pm-11pm


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