New Cupcake Bakery in Ogden: Vintage Cupcake Co.

Oh dear.

I say this again and again but seriously, the Utah cupcake scene is growing! I’m happy to see that the cupcake shops are expanding in Southern and Northern Utah.

Today’s great news is about a cupcake store in the north part of Utah. Vintage Cupcake Co. in Ogden, Utah opened their doors last weekend.

Vintage Cupcake Company is in the process of getting their Web site built, so the best place to check them out is on Facebook. I snagged a few pictures from their FB albums for all of you to enjoy. It looks like their cupcakes and vintage-inspired shop are being well received by Ogdenites. Congratulations!

Their cupcake flavor menu with descriptions from the Vintage Cupcake Company blog:

*Vanilla ~ golden moist vanilla cake w/creamy Vanilla Bean Frosting…classic.
*Chocolate ~ dark rich super moist fudge cake w/Double Chocolate Frosting…YUM!
*Pink Lady ~ dark fudge cake/ light pink Vanilla Bean Frosting and PReTTy.
*Brown Topper ~ golden moist Vanilla Cake w/Double Chocolate Frosting..kiddos FAV!
*Choc O Chip Cookie Dough ~ moist Vanilla Cake, cookie dough baked inside, topped with Choc O Chip Cookie and Double Chocolate Frosting..most Popular!
*PB Cup ~ dark fudge Cake, PB cup inside, creamy PB Frosting, topped with another PB Cup…should be Illegal!!
*BTA {better than anything} ~ light chocolate cake soaked in s&d milk, & butterscotch, then topped with Whipped Cream & toffee…seriously!?!
* PB&Jelly ~ Peanut Butter Cake topped w/creamy PB Frosting and Strawberry Jelly….our FAVORITE!!
*Red Velvet ~ moist red cocoa Cake w/Cream Cheese Frosting..almost too Beautiful to Eat
*Carrot ~ carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Good you would never know it has veggies!
*Creams ~ creamy Coconut or Banana cake topped with Toasted Coconut or Banana Cream filling and whipped cream ..AHH
*Choc o Chip ~ fluffy white cake with choc o chips and double chocolate frosting…like eating a cloud!
*Cookies and Cream ~ dark fudge cake with Oreo at the bottom topped w/Cookies n cream Frosting…mmmmm
*Lemon ~ light Lemon Cake with Lemon curd and whipped topping and sugar crystals…pucker up!
*Berry Fruity~ fluffy white Cake with fresh seasonal berries/fruit and whipped Berry topping…simply Delicious!
*Mocha ~ light chocolate mocha Cake with whipped Mocha Frosting and choc covered coffee bean…VROOM!
*French Toast ~ Great Harvest cinnamon swirl bread soaked in vanilla cream, topped with maple butter cream…NO WAY! WAY!!
*Pull a Part ~ cinnamon roll dough, butterscotch pudding, buttered brown sugar, and Cream Cheese Frosting. WOOT!!

$2.50 each
$14.00 ½ dozen
$26.00 Dozen

Vingate Cupcake Co.
A Vintage inspired Cupcakery & Boutique
470 24th St. Ogden, UT

10 thoughts on “New Cupcake Bakery in Ogden: Vintage Cupcake Co.

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  2. I was so excited to come and try your cupcakes, especiallly after going to the sprinkles in newport beach! I must sayour cupcakes look beautiful, but I was very disappointed. I bought twelve a dozen and paid like 27 dollars, had some boxed separately and dropped them off at some of my friends. Needless to say I had one after my dinner and first off the frosting was horrible, and the cake itself was old, so sad! Not trying to be rude, but want you guys to work so thought I’d let you know! Thanks

  3. I was very excited when I drove by Vintage Cupcake..I love cupcakes! however I was also very disappointed, Cupcakes I bought got hard very very soon and the Pink Lady cupcake I have to say frosting was Horrible, massive amount and almost like a food coloring taste. I have to say the only one I really did like was one called apple pie! I loved that one, your store is very eye catching and really pretty inside,. However I still have not found the perfect matching frosting and cake. Thanks!

  4. Have you guys actually tasted the cupcakes you are selling? Seriously? Can we say “Bait & Switch” here.
    I should have trusted about 2 dozen of my co-workers when they said your cupcakes were awful. I thought I’d get some and now I totally agree with the other posts of your visitors.
    Your cupcakes are cute, I’ll give you that, BUT they are also absolutely disgusting.
    I was so embarrassed that I actually gave them as gifts to my kid’s teachers and principal. (spending over $30 for crap) They only had a few bites… which made me wonder..
    There were 3 left over so I thought I would share them with my kids and husband. We were appalled, each one was WORST THAN THE NEXT!!
    The chocolate cherry tasted like ROTTEN cherries.
    The Pink Lady… the vanilla cupcake was crumbly, dry, tasteless and the pink frosting tasted like poison.
    The only half decent tasting one was the lemon and that was due to the lemon curd on the top, in which I’m pretty sure came from a can.
    Maybe you should re-think the baking business or go buy some Duncan Hines and canned frosting.

  5. hi, my name is Debbie Cross. I am looking for a part time job. I have had 30 years in the food and catering business. I am now on unemployment so I am looking for 18 hrs a week, I am a hard worker. thanks Debbie 317-4046

  6. Hi Debbie.

    I am not the owner of Vintage Cupcake. If you look a bit closer on my blog you’ll notice that I am an avid cupcake enthusiast that blogs about all things cupcake here in Utah. If you are interested in working at their bakery, you should contact the store directly. I have a link to their facebook site and blog that should have the info. Good luck! How fun to work in a cupcake bakery!


  7. hi i go in to vintage cupcakes every other day i LOve it so much i have NeverEVER EVER EVER had a bad cupcake i have had cupcakes from different cupcakes from all over utah and i am not inpressed with any of them!! BUT vintage cupcake is so good i love them the owner is so cute and the people who work there are amazing!!! and to that person that said they should go to frosting from a tube and cake from a box sorry to bust ur bubble but there name is Vintage cupcake not cuties cake!! i love the cupcakes i really eat them all the time and give them to my friends and i have never had a problem!!!!they are very clever and have fun flavors so to all that said they didnt like them well go back!! try again. love the VC!!!!!

  8. Lemon curd cupcake?! More like a BOX MIX!!! I was so disappointed. My custom made cupcakes are better than this!

  9. I went to Divine Consignment Open house in Riverdale and they had your cupcakes there as a treat for us shoppers. What a treat. They had the carrot cake, red velvet and another one that I didn’t dare try. They were your baby cupcakes. They were delicious. I wish I could have sampled them all but knew my limit. I will be in for some when I have my next event. Thanks

  10. I love VCC the owner is such a sweet heart, she really cares about her business and her product. Some of these comments are so rude, I mean your entitled to your opinion but where do you draw the line??? I have had VCC on many different occasions and have tasted a lot of different flavors. I have never tried one I didn’t like! I urge everyone I know to try VCC all the time!

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