Valentine Cupcake Bouquet {Great Gift Idea!}

Wendy Paul, author of 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 minutes, appeared on Studio 5 last week. She showed everyone how to make and assemble a beautiful Valentine Cupcake Bouquet. This is a really adorable, pretty, easy and probably affordable idea for a valentine gift. Plus it’s edible! Go to the Studio 5 Web site to see the video on how to make a valentine cupcake, as well as get Wendy’s recipes for the cupcakes and frosting. I’ve pasted the directions to make the cupcake flower bouquet below.

Directions for Flower Bouquet

* 1 basket or pot with 6″ radius
* 6″ floral foam ball
* Rock or brick to weigh down the basket
* Glue
* Craft sticks
* 6-8 cupcakes, frosted
* 6-8 mini cupcakes, frosted
* Assortment of silk or fresh flowers (optional)
* Floral moss (optional)
* Sharp paring knife


Place the brick or rock in the bottom of the basket or pot. Secure with glue if needed. Place 6″ foam ball and secure around the edges of pot with glue.

Begin placing craft sticks on a slight upwards angle, in a pattern, starting with the bottom and working your way up. Using the paring knife, slice a small incision in the bottom of your frosted and decorated cupcake. Place the cupcake gently on the craft stick and secure. Fill in spaces between cupcakes with flowers or floral moss. Repeat until all spaces have been filled.

*Hints- Do not use a heavy frosting or a lot of frosting, as the cupcakes will fall. Be sure to weigh down your basket or pot, so as you eat the cupcakes, it won’t tip over.

PS. Wendy is still on a book signing tour for her awesome cupcake book, “101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 minutes!” Here’s the latest schedule:

February 6 (SAT) 1-4 pm SANDY BARNES & NOBLE Authorpalooza book event
February 9 (TUE) 10 am GOOD THINGS UTAH cooking segment “Valentine’s gift ideas”
February 9 (TUES) 12-3 pm COSTCO, MURRAY, UT signing event
February 10 (WED) Sandy Rotary Valentine’s Luncheon & Speech
February 12 (FRI) 6-8:30 pm COSTCO, LEHI, UT – signing event
February 17 (WED) LDS Young Women Baking Class
February 19 (FRI) 12-3 pm COSTCO, SANDY, UT – signing event
February 20 (SAT) 10 am-1 pm COSTCO, MURRAY, UT – signing event
February 24 (WED) 12 Noon BlogTalkRadio with Megan Sillito interview
February 26 (FRI) 6-8:30 pm COSTCO, SALT LAKE CITY, UT – signing event

MARCH 2010
March 20 (SAT) OREM BARNES & NOBLE Book Tour 12-2 pm
March 22 (MON) Womens Luncheon and Speech
March 23 (TUE) MACEY’S Education Class Pleasant Grove, UT 7 pm
March 27 (SAT) MURRAY BARNES & NOBLE Book Tour 12-2 pm

APRIL 2010
April 23-25 HOME & GARDEN SHOW -Sandy, UT South Towne Expo Center , Baking presenter

MAY 2010
May 13 (THUR) LDS Womens Relief Society Baking class -Taylorsville, Utah
May 15 (SAT) MARCH FOR BABIES Salt Lake County, THIS IS THE PLACE HERITAGE PARK- registration 9 am, walk 10 am

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