WIN a trip to Disneyland! {they have cupcakes there!}

Months before I started Utah Loves Cupcakes I discovered that Disneyland sold cupcakes. It was so cool. You can read all about it here!  I shall share some pictures with you! …because you can freaking win a trip to Disneyland. Ahhh a free trip to a place that has cupcakes. PERFECT!

Sleeping Beauty's Castle and a Cupcake! (Two of my favorite things on earth!)

Small Row of Disneyland Cupcakes

Disneyland Cupcakes - red magic and supreme cupcakes - pluto

You want details don’t you? Okay…here we go!

Disneyland Giveaway Free Enter to Win Utah Christmas Time

My friend and ever-awesome blogger, April Atwater, is hosting a giveaway on her blogs Sweet life in the Valley and {the it’s new sister blog} Out and About with the Family!

It’s a super simple giveaway. To enter all you have to do is basically sign up for her newsletter. I’d say that is too easy for such an awesome prize. Be sure to check out both blogs. I love them both and um…you should know i’m a contributor to Out and About with the Family. It’s a new travel blog dedicated to traveling with the family! :)

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2 thoughts on “WIN a trip to Disneyland! {they have cupcakes there!}

  1. I stop to look at the cupcakes almost every time I’m at Disneyland, but I still haven’t tried one yet. I’m afraid they will be bad. If you say they are good, then I must try one. Next time!

  2. their cupcakes are cute but taste-wise they won’t compare to all the amazing cupcakes we’ve both tried. i think they just add to the magic that is disneyland.

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