Gourmet Valentine’s Cupcakes at Mini’s

I can’t say enough how much I think cupcakes are the perfect Valentine.

So to get you thinking more about giving cupcakes to your significant other, friend, etc —here’s some pix of delicious gourmet de gourmet Valentine’s cupcakes from Mini’s Gourmet Cupcakes in Salt Lake City.


Mini’s is currently taking orders for Valentine’s Cupcakes. Here’s what they offer:

A box of six cupcakes in these flavors:

Cherry chocolate (Dark chocolate cake, cherry inside, chocolate ganache, and chocolate dipped cherry), valentine decorations (vanilla and chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting), and straberry and cream(Fresh strawberry cake, fresh cream topping, chocolate dipped strawberry on top)

Now it get’s better. Mini’s offers a packaged deal that includes the six cupcakes plus a Valentine’s floral arrangement from Roots. Flowers and Cupcakes! …now we are talking! Cost is $49.99

if you just want the box of six cupcakes, the price is $15

Mini’s will deliver on Friday, February 13 to any downtown location. (Standard delivery charge applies) You can also pick up your orders Friday or Saturday. Remember though, everything must be pre-ordered! So call them now!


Ahhh! I love Valentine’s Day! Look how cute this window display is at their shop!

Don’t forget Mini’s is still celebrating their anniversary by giving out a free cupcake to everyone during the month of January!

*Photos originally upload by flickr user mini-cupcakes’*

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